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La Flor Del Norte



La Flor Del Norte, LLC (the Flower of the North) was born from a passion of creating delicious food products in Northern Mexico - specifically Monterrey, Nuevo León.

La Flor Del Norte, LLC is located in the city of Taylorsville, UT, in the greater Salt Lake City area.

Florcita Taylor, for whom the business was named in 2018, served as chef of the Crown Plaza Hotel in Monterrey, Mexico for nearly a decade. Florcita is the culinary mastermind of La Flor Del Norte, combining original family recipes with her proven professional expertise to prepare authentic flavors and dishes of Monterrey.

Monterrey is traditionally known for its flour tortillas (tortillas de harina) and no one prepares them as deliciously as Florcita. Her versatility as chef is the reason the product selection of La Flor Del Norte continues to expand.

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