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Flour Tortillas - 10/Pkg.

Tortillas de harina! Freshly made, Northern Mexican style flour tortillas without preservatives. La Flor Del Norte... ..


Corn Tortillas - 10/pkg.

Tortillas de maiz! Enjoy the delicious taste of soft, white corn tortillas without preservatives. Much better... ..


Tamales - 4/pkg.

Tamales! Pork, Chicken, Bean, Sweet and Cheese. La Flor Del Norte tamales are freshly made... ..



Authentic Mexican Tacos Dorados (hard-shell fried corn tortilla) with shredded beef, lettuce and tomato. Onions,... ..



These tasty Mexican turnovers are a hit in every meal!  An empanada is a type of... ..


Tortas de Pierna

The Authentic Mexican Sandwich! Imagine that a sandwich and a taco got married and had a... ..